ordinalityOfUnit method p.97

I’m not sure I’m reading this properly.

On the top of page 97 it reads[quote]NSCalendar has a method oridinalityOfUnit:inUnit:forDate: that can tell you more information about an NSDate. This method takes three arguments. You can tell by the number of colons in the method name.

Let’s start with the third argument. It is the NSDate object that you want more information about. The first and second arguments are constants from the NSCalendar class that describe the type of information you want. [/quote]
So let me get my head around this…[cal ordinalityOfUnit:NSDayCalendarUnit /* deals with the NSCalendar class */ inUnit:NSMonthCalendarUnit /* deals with the NSCalendar class */ forDate:now] /* deals with the NSDate object */
This looks like the ordinalityOfUnit::: method is serving 2 masters - the NSCalendar class & the NSDate object.

Have I got this right?