I’m working my way through ‘Network Programming With Sockets’ and writing the chatterserver.m program in Xcode6. I’m getting

/chatterserver_am/main.c:40:4: Use of undeclared identifier ‘PAGE_SIZE’

I’m sure to #include <mach/vm_param.h>. Any idea where else I can find it?

Awesome book btw.

Something to do with your project settings.

I am using Xcode (Version 5.1.1 (5B1008)) and can see the PAGE_SIZE name without including anything special.

int main ()
    NSLog (@"%f %d\n", M_PI, PAGE_SIZE);

    return 0;
2014-07-02 21:44:04.498 zapper[13451:303] 3.141593 4096

I suppose I could import the Foundation framework, but for now I’ll just substitute 4096 for the PAGE_SIZE macro definition.