Resolvers Error in Moment From Example

My Project was working fine until the Moment From call had to be added.

Tried to rollback to see specifically what broke it back the best i get is a blank page with the error
vendor.js:252 Uncaught Error: Could not find module ember-resolver imported from tracker/resolver
at missingModule (vendor.js:252)
at findModule (vendor.js:263)
at Module.findDeps (vendor.js:173)
at findModule (vendor.js:267)
at Module.findDeps (vendor.js:173)
at findModule (vendor.js:267)
at requireModule (vendor.js:29)
at app-boot.js:2

Need advice.

It is still unclear what caused the issue with the resolver. but I went through the project again. Even slower and finished Chapter 23 which is further than I have gotten. I have begun using Git Bash as the command prompt. it seems to be working better. I believe perhaps I had permissions issues previously that were transparent to me .

So my original issue and the subsequent issue are mostly due to my inexperience of building my applications like this. I guess I have been too dependent on things like VS.