Resources + Solutions - 2017-02-01

Hello everyone,

The URL for the resources .zip file doesn’t seem to be working right now.
Until we get that fixed, please grab the latest version of the .zip here.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Thank you Chris! The Google Drive link worked :slight_smile:

Also, once that link is fixed, I’ll update this thread to point back to the original .zip file.

Can you clarify the status of the resources and the solutions file ? i found a google drive link on here that at least has the files in the correct folder, However I can not get that code to run. I have had my own syntax error issues with other chapters in the book. But this is the third time I have unable to reflect on the solution to understand where my issue is.

As i stands I may have to start the chapter over just to get my project sorted out. Any assistance is appreciated.

You can disregard. i omitted one of the npm installs. a bit of patience and another combing through the chapter helped me at least get the solution to work. now i can go through the code.