Solutions: 1st Edition

As of August 17th 2016, the solutions are included in the same .zip file as the resources.

Please download the latest version of that zip file from

Inside the .zip, you’ll find the solutions, organized by chapter, inside a folder named book-solutions.

Post here if you run into any issues with the download!

There are errors on the solutions code.

The “Chapter 07” folder has code from the CoffeRun project. It should have code from the Ottergram project instead.

Furthermore, the code contained on the folder “Chapter 06” has the code that you add on Chapter 07 (Visual effects with CSS) on the book. It shouldn’t have it yet.

Basically you should delete the code inside the folder “Chapter 07” and put the one that you have in “Chapter 06” folder now.

We’ll get the solutions code updated! Thanks for pointing that out.

At the end of chapter 22, there is some mention of a configured app/mirage directory in the …/mirage-example directory. Regretfully, the Data_Chapter directory is empty.

@HerbertP, thanks for pointing that omission. That was our fault.
Please grab the file linked in this thread for the latest .zip. It should contain the files you mentioned.


And is this all resolved, now? I’m using Front-End Web Development to teach a class, and I want to make sure that the students have as simple a time as possible, so I hope that the link in the original post works, now.

@chrisaquino1 It seems that the solution files are for the next book chapter. Specifically, Chap 4 solutions files are the solutions for Chapter 5 and the Chap 5 solution files are the solutions for Chapter 6. Haven’t looked at any others yet.

Looking at @albertvila 's comments above, I’m guessing that the problem is with all the chapters.