Should i purchase the new 7th edition of iOS book?


I have the 2 best books on iOS with me from big nerd ranch guide

Now i really want to save money , i have read the iOS book up to chapter 14 and the Swift book up to chapter 16 and skimmed the remaining …

I find them very useful, can anyone from Big Nerd Ranch guide me as to should i purchase the new 7th edition , like is it really upgraded or changed to the point where i need to buy it or will i be good with the current set of books. I really want to save as much money as i can , but not hesitate to spend if its needed, can any one please suggest …



Random data point (me). I always buy their latest editions (I didn’t know this one was coming out, just did a pre-order on Amazon and I’ll do a review after that purchase clears). I keep the newest in my home office, the one back in my office at work, and donate the earlier ones. So, I have two full sets in my possession and probably at least two more over the years passed on to libraries and such. Especially with iOS and Swift changing at the rates they do, I like to keep up with the latest.

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Why not? It’s for sale at the publisher: iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide 7th Edition
I’m reading my copy now. . .