Solution for this Chapter is wrong Project

I am having a bit of trouble and went to the solution to figure out why i kept getting a unexpected token ) in my formhandler.js.

I reverted my code back to the start of the chapter and walked through it with no more success.
When i looked in the zip file for the difference between the book code and mine I saw that the solutions folders are out of position.

Hi @ddecasse, very often this means you have a typo right before the line mentioned by the error. So see what line number it’s complaining about in formhandler, then check that line and a few lines before it for missing syntax like a } or ,

Syntax highlighting will also help here—if you notice wonky highlighting, that can help you hunt down the troublespot too.

See if you can spot the issue, and if you need another pair of :eyes: feel free to post formhandler.js with

I will do that.

i committed the issue code and overwrote it with the solution which seem to have different issues (404). I was discouraged that the solutions seem to be out of sync. I took a small break from the book and was glad to get back to it . this however is how the wheels have come off the bus for me. when I can no longer follow the chapter and the supporting materials do not like up i.e. most wrox projects.

Hi @ddecasse, a 404 error sounds quite different, is this coming from an AJAX request? (e.g. when your code tries to talk to the server)? The server URL has changed a couple times, so that’s a possible cause.

If you have trouble making headway on fixing the typo or 404, don’t hesitate to post your code + screenshot of the console.

i will check it tonight. thank you very much. i noticed the v1 and v2
changes in previous folders. id like to resolve the issue with my wokring
version. Web development isnt new to me but much of this book has been
beyond my depth. I think I am really benefitting. Id just like to keep
going .

All that for a missing closing curly brace. wow me. linted the heck out of a file or two. and it ultimately came down to folding functions and seeing where it went too far. thanks for the advice.

Hurray! Glad you found the typo @ddecasse. Most mistakes come down to a misspelling or missing curly :slight_smile: