This chapter is a car crash

Hello. First of all I’d like to say thank you, I’ve very much enjoyed working through this book and although there were a couple of mistakes, nothing major.

But this chapter feels very off-beat with the positivity I’ve experienced working through earlier chapters, it feels like it was rushed out. It sprawls through doing several different things associated with the project, has many mistakes that stop the code from functioning and require debugging, and the solutions prompted to download contain large discrepancies from the book. It’s more frustrating because the mistakes happen early on in the chapter it’s impossible to tell how the code should look at that point when comparing with the solutions in case the results are due to a refactor later on. When you come to this forum seeking help, there should be a stickied topic created by one of the mods where you openly disclose and highlight the mistakes in this chapter and guide people to an updated version of the chapter that corresponds to the solution code.

Thank you for your hard work on the rest of the book though, it’s very good and I’ve enjoyed the challenges!

Hey @cw13,

Thank you for your honesty! We very sincerely appreciate the feedback and want to do right by all of our readers.

The Chattrbox chapters were the most recent additions to our front-end bootcamp, and as such, did not have the polish of the longer-standing sections. We decided to include them in the book because we felt that the material was important and relevant.

But you’re right, there are a number of mistakes that I personally did not catch before publication.
After locating them, I added them to the errata page, which I hope has been useful to you.

I apologize for the frustrations the errors may have caused you.
Please let me know if you encounter any other issues.

Thank you!

I agree, both Chattrbox and Tracker aren’t working properly. I am spending extra time trying to fix them both instead of focusing on making my own web app. Fixing someone else’s mistakes is something that we would have to do if we got a front-end dev job, but you would expect something you pay for to actually work. I don’t think I will be buying anymore books from BigNerdRanch. Udemy and free stuff online, at least you get what you pay for there.