Can someone provide a simplified summary of this chapter?

The difficulty spike is very noticeable for this chapter which is quite upsetting. From Ottergram to CoffeeRun, it doesn’t feel like its even the same writer/creator. Now to be fair, they did preface that CoffeeRun will be more complex than Ottergram but it just didn’t feel as well as explained. Can someone provide a SIMPLE yet technical explanation of this chapter please?

Hi @JSLearner, there is definitely a major shift in difficulty between these two modules. Ottergram is essentially a recap of CSS/HTML + some best practices, but the second module is when we begin JavaScript and design patterns in earnest.

I see you’re a few days into this module — so I can best help you, what topic(s) feels fuzziest right now?

Hi @nybblr, Thanks for the offer to clarify. I’ve since reread the chapter a couple more times and I get it now and truth be told, it is well written/explained from the get-go. Just sometimes it takes me a few iterations for things to sink in.

I agree that this chapter is a big jump. When I taught a course using this book this semester, I covered Ottergram 1 chapter per day, but I allocated 3 days to prepare for chapter 8. I should have allocated 4. I think it’s good, but it needs a bit more explanation of modules, so I can’t give a simplified summary, but a more expansive description. :slight_smile:
I still like the book; I don’t know if my students did.