Suggestions for improvement on the chapter


I don’t know if I am using the forum correctly, but here is a new topic for everyone to make suggestions via replies maybe?


I found this sentence confusing:

By default, every view has an alignment rectangle, and every view hierarchy uses Auto Layout.

If auto layout is used by default, why do we need to change our layout to use auto layout as described in chapters 1 and 3? I understand why we need to use auto layout, but I don’t understand the sentence above claiming that it is the default (since it doesn’t seem to be the default).


Reading further it is stated that using auto layout requires adding constraints. Since even simple ones are not added by default (even when it feels like it when snapping to center lines during layout), that is what felt contradictory to the sentence (as we still had to add constraints). Perhaps there is a way to clarify the sentence in the text.


I see how that sentence could be unclear. But I think it means that Auto Layout is enabled by default, but you will have to set up all the options to make it work the way you want. As for what “enabled” means, probably there are some settings behind the scenes that need to be set up in order for your project to have access to the Auto Layout features, and all of that is done on your project by default. Just my best guess.