Tags Not Working

I can’t seem to find my other post to cancel it, but I figured it out what the problem was.

I was missing the update tags in the TagsViewController.viewDidLoad(). Please cancel or delete my post. Thank you.

What I’m seeing: Click on Tags and navigate to the RootView Controller of type TagsViewController, I click on “+” and alert dialog appears and I enter a new value. That value is not added to the tableview. In fact no value ever appears in the tableView. I’ve restarted Xcode, cleaned up the built folder (using ‘option’ for a full cleanup)

I do have updateTags called.

What I’m not seeing is any call to the TagsDataSource.

I’ve gone over the code numerous times and cannot see my mistake. Any ideas why the TagsDataSource isn’t being called.

In TagsViewController I set the dataSource for the tableView to tagDataSource which is initialized.

I am confused as to why the delegate for the tagViewController tableView is set to “self”, but the cell detail is in the TagsDataSource (which isn’t being called.)

Any help is hugely appreciated.

FIxed it, - issue for me was in updateTags - I had the call to reloadSections inside the braces for the switch statement. Once I moved the brace to close out the switch to ‘before’ the call to reloadSections the call to TagDataSource worked.

Please remove this question if you wish, thanks!