The new signature validation is not called

This method is not called.

func validateRaise(raiseNumberPointer:
AutoreleasingUnsafeMutablePointer<NSNumber?>) throws {
let raiseNumber = raiseNumberPointer.memory
if raiseNumber == nil {
let domain = "UserInputValidationErrorDomain"
let code = 0
let userInfo = [NSLocalizedDescriptionKey : “An employee’s raise must be a number.”]
throw NSError(domain: domain, code: code, userInfo: userInfo)

I forgot to validate immediately the raise textfield.
Everything’s fine now. The method is called.

This function is never called in my implementation regardless of the fact that I have Validates Immediately checked for the Table View Cell. I’ve checked the documentation, the function is specified as indicated in the code. Can’t figure this one out.