This chapter isn't about ToolBar!

Why is this chapter called as ToolBar ? It is all about ActionBar because ToolBar is a ViewGroup. To use ToolBar we need to add it to an activity’s layout xml file and then add it via setSupportActionBar(ToolBar) method which haven’t been done in this chapter. You say that ToolBar in AppCompat library is referred to as ActionBar but this is true only if we’ve used setSupportActionBar(ToolBar). So my point is this chapter is absolutely not about ToolBar but ActionBar because no words has been said here about how to make ToolBar. Am i not right?

I’ve researched ActinoBar’s work in AppCompat and The book has been right and i have not. ActionBar in AppCompat is ToolBar.

It warns me when i cast the supportActionBar to Toolbar, and the document says it use action bar in AppCompactActivity (AppCompatActivity  |  Android Developers) In fact, it says the supportActionBar is class of Any helps?