Trouble in Memory Management

I have been reading objective C books(currently,the one by Aaron Hillegass)for about two months now.But I am having trouble understanding the memory management concepts,especially object ownership.I plan on developing games using cocos2d.Can anyone tell me if it is really important to learn memory management if I am going to use cocos2d ?

Also,I am very confused about ARC.From what I have read,all I understand is that it is a new feature that helps in memory management.How exactly does it help?Does it mean that I don’t have to write release and retain calls anymore?

Also,if anyone could provide me some resources where I could read about memory management(other than Apple’s documentation) I would appreciate that very much.


Memory management is important for utilising finite resources (even if you have 64 giga bytes of physical memory, it is still finite and you will run out of it.)

Therefore, you should understand the management of finite resources and feel comfortable with it even if you are using ARC to manage the allocation and release of objects.

Is Objective-C the first programming language you are learning? If so, you better pick up a good C Programming language book and learn it first.

The good news is that the Objective-C is very much like C but with a slightly different syntax; so you can learn both simultaneously.

Thanks.I am trying to learn whatever I’m finding new while programming.Thanks for the reply.