Using explicit parameter names

Why there is an update of the printPersonalGreeting and you erase the last one in page 114? The readers like me, who are new programmers misunderstand that
func printPersonalGreeting(name: String) AND func printPersonalGreeting(to name: String)… with also word “to” are NOT the same functions. There name is different: The name of a function is with ( ) also as the book says in page 111.
I think it would be better for the reader to keep together the last also and just change the name in the call
printPersonalGreeting(to: “John”) like I did.
Am I wrong or is it because I am a new programmer?

You are correct, and you are also a rising star :slight_smile:


func foo (bar:String) {
    print  ("\(#function): \(bar)")

func foo (jibber bar:String) {
    print  ("\(#function): \(bar)")

foo (bar:"3 is the smallest odd prime.")
foo (jibber:"3 is the smallest odd prime.")


foo(bar:): 3 is the smallest odd prime.
foo(jibber:): 3 is the smallest odd prime.
Program ended with exit code: 0