Why did they remove copy paste option?

Your book on Kindle 1.25.2 no longer allows me to copy paste, not even small snippets.


Frustratingly it was working fine before, and I am not sure why it has stopped now—please can you undo this limitation or supply a version where I can at least make basic copy paste of some parts.

Thank you.

Bluh, no idea what’s happened here. We have made zero modifications to the book or the listing for it. I’ll have someone try to figure it out. Thanks for mentioning this.

Thank you so much, sorry for panic etc! Would really be appreciated Mikey to have it corrected.

Sure thing. I’ve spoken to our editor, who confirmed that we didn’t (intentionally, at least) make any changes. She’s on the case.

Hi all, any new on this at all please?

Okay, so I’ve found out that the word on high is that unfortunately this isn’t going to be fixed in production. I can explain why but it doesn’t really matter. If copy/paste is important to you, though, I want to try to help somehow. Email me: ward@bignerdranch.com

Have replied back, look forward to hearing back from you. Thnx

Hi could comeone kindly reply back to the email or even here.


Hello! I replied to your June 14 email about an hour after receiving it. Did my reply not come through? I’ll send again just in case, and DM it to you also in case email’s being wonky. In either case, I’m sorry if it feels like I’ve been ignoring you, I promise I’m not.