Why do I have to fully qualify the model class?

On p162 (bottom paragraph) it says that I wouldn’t need to “fully qualify” the class name for Obj-C, but I have to for Swift, so why?

[quote]A module is a single unit of code distribution—a framework or application that is built and shipped as a single unit and that can be imported by another module with Swift’s import keyword.

Each build target (such as an app bundle or framework) in Xcode is treated as a separate module in Swift. If you group together aspects of your app’s code as a stand-alone framework—perhaps to encapsulate and reuse that code across multiple applications—then everything you define within that framework will be part of a separate module when it is imported and used within an app, or when it is used within another framework.

A source file is a single Swift source code file within a module (in effect, a single file within an app or framework). Although it is common to define individual types in separate source files, a single source file can contain definitions for multiple types, functions, and so on.[/quote]

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And apparently that’s not the way things are organized in Objective-C. I would guess that Swift’s modules are an attempt to improve the organization of code. More info here:

books.google.com/books?id=MgccC … -c&f=false

Cool, thanks all makes sense…