Why I see two windows?


I think I followed along the first example from the chapter one. I see two windows; one with no context and one with the actual content. Am I missing something?


also, I see from the log view…

2015-04-27 10:53:02.677 MyRandomPassword[5596:81726] Failed to connect (window) outlet from (MyRandomPassword.AppDelegate) to (NSWindow): missing setter or instance variable


In anyway, the program is functional. The only problem is that I see two windows when I ran.


Sorry ignore my two windows issue. I didn’t follow the direction from page 16. Once I followed it, it worked, no warning either.


Could you please mention what instruction was important to avoid the second window? I have the same problem, tried several times but I cannot get rid of the second window. Thanks.


Im getting two windows as well… Any advice as to whats happening?


Figured it out… I had missed the part about deleting the window from the MainMenu.XIB file.


Thanks diableo, I had missed the same thing


You can remove the fail to connect to window outlet by keeping the line of code they tell you to remove. That is, keep the @IBOutlet weak var window: NSWindow! line of code.


great to be here thanks for help