Windows 10 - Google Chrome doesn't launch when not the default browser

I’ve tried many different variations of the browser-sync command on Page 28. However, Firefox always launches for me instead of Google Chrome. I have Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, and Edge installed on my machine, which is running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. Also note that my default browser has been set to Firefox.

Firefox does automatically update whenever I make changes in Atom. That part is working.

I also tried running the CMD window as Administrator, but that didn’t make a difference either. I tried launching Chrome and then starting browser-sync, but that still opened up Firefox. I’m stuck with this feature, but will keep on trucking along using Firefox for now. I know it isn’t ideal, as the book mentions great dev tools built into Chrome.

Any helpful hints out there?

Thanks, Kelsey

One more note: Yes, I am using the --browser “Google Chrome” parameter…


As soon as I posted, I thought of something else to try and figured out the issue. Funny how the world works like that sometimes.

Simply replace “Google Chrome” with “chrome.exe” while running the cmd as Administrator.