Adding package dependencies, new undocumented method?

In the section, Parsing Command-Line Arguments with Argument Parser, there is a procedure for adding Package Dependencies (i.e., Argument Parser), which matches the Apple Documentation. However, in my Xcode 14.3.1, there is no File->Swift Packages → Add Package Dependency.

I have File → Add Packages … and there is a list of Apple Swift Packages to choose from. The procedure seems self-explanatory from there. I did not have to type the address of the Swift Argument Parser repository (https://github … ). I added the package, then added to the target, wordlasso, as instructed in the book.

I found a reference to File → Packages in the Xcode 14 release notes, perhaps implying that the menu item already existed. In the same release notes, it mentions that instead of File → Add Packages, the contextual menu in the XCode File Navigator is an alternate method

I have found mention of this the Xcode 13 release notes and a brief reply in the Apple Developer forums, also for Xcode 13, but nothing in Xcode 12 notes. Xcode 13 notes also are written as though this menu item already existed.

They did change the method for adding package dependencies in Xcode 13, but it wasn’t different enough from Xcode 12 to give me any problems. I don’t recall having to do anything with packages in Xcode 14, so am unfamiliar with any changes since 13.

Thanks for thee feedback. As a person who has not used Xcode since trying to learn Objective-C and following a book, and Apple’s documentation, it was frustrating trying to follow the printed instructions. As you said, the change “wasn’t different enough” and I eventually figured it out, For new users, who are not familiar with the concept or previous method of adding package dependencies, this is confusing, and I’m hoping that some mention of this will save someone some time.