Am just starting out - Obj C or Swift?

So I am three weeks into learning Objective C using the BNR book. Should I stop ? I am a real beginner: did C and C++ in college in the 90’s but have never worked as a programmer. My plan is to have a (relatively simple) app submitted to the App Store by Oct 31. Will I be able to do this without Swift ??

Stick to Objective-C. I have the same problem and talked to an iOS dev. that had just arrived from WWDC 2014 and he told me the following: “It’ll take years until everything is completely in Swift if it’ll ever happen at all. Some things, I believe, will never be completely written in Swift. In any case it is based on Objective-C and integrates super well with it.” Even if down the road you feel like switching to Swift, it won’t be a bit deal.

I’m of the same general opinion as cesarjardim: go forward with Objective-C in the short term. Swift is not ‘based on Objective-C’ but it is well integrated with Objective-C in Xcode such that we’ll be using Objective-C frameworks for a long time, probably years. I expect that Apple will indeed move wholly to Swift but it will take time to work out the kinks. So, I suggest that you do plan on learning Swift some day, perhaps this Fall (after submitting your app) or when books come out by folks such as BNR.