When I get stuck should I keep moving forward or stay until I fully understand?

I am at the function chapter I think I understand about 60%-70% but not perfectly.

I wasn’t able to compete the triangle challenge but when I saw the answers I could understand.

I feel like I am staying too long at every page. Should I keep moving even if I don’t understand the concept completely?

Please let me know.

Many Thanks

Keep going. Make multiple iterations through the book until you feel comfortable.

Also, reading other people’s code is an invaluable strategy to learn coding and programming.

Thanks for the reply. Yes I also feel like I should keep going. I am planning to learn swift after completing objective-C. Do you think I could learn swift at the same time?

If I were you, I would learn Objective-C first, then Swift.

Swift is an infant compared to Objective-C. Swift will be in a constant state of flux for some time to come. However, this doesn’t mean that you should completely cut off ties with it.

Also if you wan’t to be a professional programmer, there are other languages worth learning such as C++.