Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide 2019 can be used with Java

Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide
by Kristin Marsicano, Brian Gardner, Bill Phillips and Chris Stewart
Copyright © 2019 Big Nerd Ranch
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“Whether you prefer Kotlin or Java, this book teaches you how to write Android apps. The knowledge
and experience you gain in developing apps for the Android platform will translate to either language.”
I was coding Java/Android in 2012-2015, but stopped, due to local market development were web development, Now I plan to return, but find that Kotlin (where I know nothing about) entered the Android ecosystem… With the above book, can I use my Java skills? I think to step soon into Kotlin…
Do you know any Kotlin books for Java developers?
In an Android, Project can combine both Java & Kotlin code without problems?

While you could use the 3rd edition with Java, you will quickly find that many of the methods are deprecated and/or replaced with new methods. Even the 4th edition (written in Kotlin) has also become outdated rather quickly.

Hopefully the coming 5th edition solves these problems.

In an Android, Project, can combine both Java & Kotlin code without problems - same time [some files Java and others Kotlin]? Or must Use ONLY One Java or Kotlin…?

Kotlin was written to be fully interoperable with Java. Code can be blended between the two languages as projects transition between languages. Here are links that discuss how Kotlin & Java can be used together:

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