Translating Android Programming (Java) from Big Nerd Ranch to Kotlin


After going through the book, the question was, what to do next. Of course one can buy another book, where it is shown to build Android applications using Kotlin. However, usually one learns best, when one has to do a challenge. Since before Kotlin I learnt a large part of the Android Programming book from Big Nerd Ranch (3rd edition), which is using Java. So I thought, to start using that book and translating the individual chapters into Kotlin. I started with Geoquiz and quickly noticed, that it was 1. not that simple, 2. one really starts understanding Kotlin and 3. also understands the Android programming much better, since the whole thing is a big challenge. However, it is fun and saves money to buy another book. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

Otherwise I have a suggestion for the expert writers, which is that books for Android games in Kotlin are largely missing and would be nice to be available.