Capitalization in conversion view controller (e.g. DEGREES FAHRENHEIT)

In the “Preparing for localization” section, Figure 7.6 Preview, the labels for the converter have text in lowercase as we we typed it in previous chapters: “value”, “degrees Fahrenheit,” and so on.

Then on the next page, Figure 7.7 Double text strings shows the double text in all caps: “VALUE”, “DEGREES FAHRENHEIT,” etc. With the text capitalized, label text occupies more space, labels occupy multiple lines, etc. This is helpful as an illustration, but I didn’t find something in the book indicating the text should change from lowercase to uppercase, or that we should edit the text.

In XCode 12.0.1, selecting Double-Length Pseudolanguage at the bottom right of the Preview window does not change the text from lowercase to uppercase. I have iPhone 11 Pro selected. As far as I can tell, I’ve followed all the instructions.

Obviously this isn’t a big deal, and I can manually edit the labels to make the text uppercase, but I’m curious whether others have seen the same thing.

Yeah, I’m not seeing ALL CAPS in Xcode 12 either. I haven’t used the Preview and Double-Length Pseudolanguage often enough to know when it changed.