Failed to load resource: 404

Hello Forum,

I’m confused about why my program will not link to normalize.css. The code in the index.html and styles.css appears to be the same as in the book (at least to me). When I run the program in browser-sync, the console returns a 404. If I just copy the link at put it in my browser I get a long string of code which I assume is the style. Running on Mac.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Hello New(bie) from a few days ago,

Here’s what you figured out that corrected it:

The error message you were getting was a 404 for the local host. A review of your source code showed that, yes, your file was the same as the book. However, you misspelled the stylesheet folder it was stored in with an extra ‘s’: “stylesheets”. This means the linked document in the attribute just plain old didn’t exist.

Hope that helps. I’m glad you enjoyed using the Developer Tools to figure it out.