Fast play/pause mp3 sample playback problem


Hi everybody,

I’m writing an applcation for OSX (both mountain lion and Mavericks) that needs to allow the user to play/pause very quickly and many times the user.
I’m getting the following problems:

on a sample mp3 playback of 17 secs, when I play/pause there isn’t any problem except when I’m reaching the end. If I play/pause during the last second (so, after 16 secs) the playback gets muted and the current position time of the file gets a wrong value (
I really can’t figure out any solution.

Can anybody help me?



P.S. I’m using gnu c++ compiler and AudioQueueStart and AudioQueuePause to play and pause the sample playback.



Try it with uncompressed audio and see if you get the same behavior. There might be some weirdness with end of file and pausing in the last compressed segment.

Apple’s Core Audio lists are fairly active (or at least folks get responses there) - that’d be a good place to try. I haven’t done a lot of media on the Mac lately.



Hi ++MD,

could you post the apple forum that you are suggesting?

Thankyou in advance!



Here ya go!


Thankyou man!
I’m gonna take a look!

P.S. btw, if anybody has any other idea is very welcome!