Figure 27.10 -- No 'Update Frames' item available in the 'Resolve Auto Layout Issues' menu

All is as as described in the book for this chapter so far–but I cannot resolve the “Misplaced Views” errors because my version of the the pop-up menu described in Figure 27.10 does not contain the “Update Frames” item.

I’m running Xcode Version 8.2.1 (8C1002) on macOS Sierra (version 10.12.1). See this screen shot, which captures the errors and the pop-up menu contents.

Have Xcode’s options changed in this regard or have I perhaps done something wrong when setting up the UI for this sample iOS application? Is there another means to repair this error other than selecting the “Update Frames” item in the “Resolve Auto Layout Issues” menu?

Update frames is that new icon

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Thanks very much!

Your welcome @cwisniewski!
I had the same problem till I find it. Fortunately they made it a separate icon because U use it a lot in Auto Layout