Xcode 8.3 Doesn't have Update Frames Pop-Up Menu



I am on page 64 and instructions note to open the Update Frame pop-up menu, however, I am working in Xcode 8.3, and that option isn’t available. What should I do instead?



Go ahead and add the constraint, then (separately) either click the “Update Frames” icon (two to the left of the Align icon you selected previously) or select Editor > Update Frames.


Thanks gc3182! I appreciate it!


But after I add the constraint, the “Update Frames” icon can’t be clicked, it is malfunction. same as the Editor > Resolve Auto Layout issues > Update Frames (both Selected Views and All Views in View Controller).
How should I do next ?

By the way, I use the Xcode 8.3.2



I’m using Xcode 8.8.3 Editor>Update Frames worked for me.


@LeeinCan The Update Frames is available PRIOR to adding the Horizontal Constraint; however, once you’ve added the horizontal Constraint, it appears that it automatically runs an Update Frames, so the button is then greyed out.


Minor point… My version of the book said to click Update Frames before adding the horizontal constraint. So I did Update Frames first, then returned to the Align menu to add the horizontal constraint.