Xcode 8.3 Doesn't have Update Frames Pop-Up Menu


I am on page 64 and instructions note to open the Update Frame pop-up menu, however, I am working in Xcode 8.3, and that option isn’t available. What should I do instead?


Go ahead and add the constraint, then (separately) either click the “Update Frames” icon (two to the left of the Align icon you selected previously) or select Editor > Update Frames.

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Thanks gc3182! I appreciate it!

But after I add the constraint, the “Update Frames” icon can’t be clicked, it is malfunction. same as the Editor > Resolve Auto Layout issues > Update Frames (both Selected Views and All Views in View Controller).
How should I do next ?

By the way, I use the Xcode 8.3.2


I’m using Xcode 8.8.3 Editor>Update Frames worked for me.

@LeeinCan The Update Frames is available PRIOR to adding the Horizontal Constraint; however, once you’ve added the horizontal Constraint, it appears that it automatically runs an Update Frames, so the button is then greyed out.

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Minor point… My version of the book said to click Update Frames before adding the horizontal constraint. So I did Update Frames first, then returned to the Align menu to add the horizontal constraint.