Flash Card app and data cards (only ch7 currently)

Hey everyone,

I have a flashcard app on Github under WillyScott/Kotlin and data for the app is under WillyScott/AndroidProgramming3rd.

The app is written in mostly Kotlin and is a simple front/back text base flashcard program. Flashcards can be imported from github (JSON format only), created, edited, deleted, tracked and I will complete a export function(plus other functionality is planned). All data is persisted to the Room database.

Currently I only have chapter 7 Fragments data completed.

If anyone wants to create data (pick a chapter) or add functionality to the app that would be great.

Instructions on how to create data for the app

For IOS users I also have the same app under

https://github.com/WillyScott/FlashCardsSwift and it in the App store.(the app is called SwiftCard - it might be hard to find). Also the app needs to be updated.



Update my app. It now includes Kotlin keywords. The app is also available on Google play store and is called KotlinCard.