Git repo does not match code in the book

In chapter 1, the author creates a MainWindowController. Upon looking into the git repo of the code I found that the project does things quite differently. There, the logic is stuffed into the AppDelegate, where it has no place imho. I do understand, that for this very simple example it doesn’t really matter, but I applaud the book to nevertheless present a clean method to separate concerns.

This should not be a complaint, but rather a question: How come that the code does in no way reflect what is shown in the book in chapter 1?

Disclaimer: I have to admit I am not even finished with chapter 1, but I already love the book! Money well spent!

Thanks for letting us know – sounds like we were a bit hasty in getting the solutions together and that one is from an older version of that chapter. We will get it updated shortly and reply here when it is pushed.

Glad to hear you like the book so far!

We have updated the RandomPassword project in the solutions repository on GitHub. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!