Help with developing an Android app

I’m running a dancing school now and we’re planning to create our own mobile app and as I’ve consulted earlier, we would need 2 native apps (iOS and Android). We’ve already found the guy who will do the iOS app, and he recommended to look for an outsourcing company for the Android app. As I started my search, I understood that there are so many outsourcing companies that the choice is just impossible…
Could you please recommend any fine Android companies that are reliable?

It’s good that you decided to have native apps… However, it means that your apps should have complex functionality, very beautiful UI, so that’s good as it’ll attract people, I suppose… It stays a mystery for me why you want to hire not a freelancer, but a whole company. Still, that’s not my business and you must have some reasons for that.
These guys have a great Android app development team:
Hope you’ll find what you’re looking for!


Thanks a lot for the recommendations, I’ll have a look. As my friend told me, it’s a big enough project to hire just a freelancer as he/she won’t be able to manage the whole project management, architecture, etc. themselves, so it’s much more reasonable to delegate it to a whole team. I was thinking about a freelancer at first, though :slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks a lot!

Hey there are various companies and developers out there but you have to look for best.There are various points which you have to consider before hiring android developers like

Knowledge About App Development Technology

You should select who can work by creating apps with a new platform. While rebuking a candidate, raise them, regarding their familiarity with the newest software system. Ask them what they understand of iOS about Apple’s latest version.

Check Their Portfolio

It is essential to increase concerning the last number of projects the development company has done. This is often one in all of the most effective ways. You need to see whether or not a potential firm is right for your project. You should ask them about their portfolio. You can download some application from the app store. Take a glance at the reviews and ratings of their apps.

See an Inventory of Their Recent Clients

Talk About Price

Which Platform They Already developed?


Ask Them About Timeline