How to develop into the field of game-programming for android?

I have read the Android Programming and acquired a lot from it. Now I want to go ahead to the field of game-programming for android. But I don’t know which books I should read.

So can someone recommend me a book or a book-list that would useful for the people who hasn’t known anything about it ever before. Thank you for your help.


I think Unity might be a good place to start, but it probably depends on what kinds of games you want to make.

You try with some really simple instruments like TIC-80, Sketchware or Game Maker Share I think they are perfect for the beginning. They have quite basic functionality and easy to use. After this, you can go further to more complicate game development instrument. Hop over to this website to see some examples of mobile gaming which are trends nowadays. I think understanding the market is also important. And of course, use your imagination! Good luck!

Well, there are lots of book for this, I will recommend you to read below books which you can easily get online.

  1. Learning LibGDX Game Development by Andreas Oehlke
  2. Mastering Unity 2D Game Development by Simon Jackson
  3. Beginning Android Games by Mario Zechner
  4. Android Game Programming by Example by John Horton
  5. Unity in Action: Multiplatform Game Development in C# by Joe Hocking

Thank you for posting the question.
Along with the reference books, I would suggest you keep updating your skillset as well. Given the dynamic nature of the programming language landscape, it is crucial to update the language skillset and be competent.

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