I don't see exit code


When I first started using this book a few months ago, I saw the “Program ended with exit code: 0” message at the end of the console. Since then I updated Xcode and I no longer see this message. Is that normal behavior? Is there some place to look for the exit code. I have been able to run all of my programs so far with no problems.

I see that the exit code is mentioned again in chapter 27 on Callbacks.

I have googled this question and I do not see any discussion of the console no longer showing the exit code. Is there anybody else not seeing the exit code? I am using Xcode 6.4.


Hmm. Honestly, this is one that I would mark down as “Huh. That’s interesting.” and keep moving. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that your intention, once you’re done with this book, is to move on to writing graphical user interface-driven apps for Mac or iOS, in which case the exit code becomes little more than an historical curiosity and has no actual meaning for your app.

Yes, thats what I plan on doing. Everything else seems to be working fine.