Is A Swift Edtion Coming?

I bought the book Advanced Mac OS X Programming a week or two ago. I’m wondering if a new edition is coming out that covers advanced OS X programming in Swift.

I have the book called Cocoa Programming for OS X (5th Edition) and I would like to see a sequel to that that covers Swift and a newer edition of Xcode.

Is something like that coming?


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Swift is good for writing only front end stuff; it can’t beat C or C++ for advanced programming. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I beg to differ. It is designed to be a systems lang.

with i think apple would like it to be a good lang on the server.

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The book needs to be updated on several fronts:

  1. Swift
  2. ARC vs garbage collection
  3. LLVC/LLDB/CLang
  4. General staleness

Please come out with an up-to-date edition. I would devour it immediately!

It would be nice to have an update. Surely, advanced programming topics are still relevant and necessary for learners. Would love to see Swift in there too. It has come a long way as a language already and it seems that its popularity will continue to increase in the future.

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I hope we get to see an updated version someday soon. I’m just now digging into the 3rd edition and the concepts are still super useful, even if the implementation is out of date. @markd2 what say you? :slight_smile:

I’d love to update it. Alas there’s no market :frowning:

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Alas, indeed. :disappointed:

I shall content myself with reading this one and trying to translate it into Swifty bits myself.

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