It's hard for me to keep track of the code changes in CrimenalIntent

Each time we write one code, then we are told to delete this code and replace it with another. And the process repeats itself over and over again. This makes learning from the book very frustrating. How can I overcome this?:confused:

Use the source control Git. You can set it up on your local machine or

yeah… it’s my problem too…
i tried to draw the connection between my classes and some of it’s methods…
and then i replace them with new ones…

but still i’m a bit confuse, i think it’s because i’m beginner in Android developing some how, am i wrong?

You won’t have major headaches, if you learn the fundamentals of programming first before diving into advanced topics such as Andorid, iOS, and macOS development.

I did, i know C++, CSS, HTML, etc
and recently learnt JAVA, after that i start to learning Android by this book;
but i understand about 70% of each chapter in this book, should i reStart reading it again from the begining?

Just keep reading the book and see how you feel afterwards.

i did, and i published my first app in the market somehow based on this book :))

can we copy our codes and editor edit it ?

Hi I’m in problem too . my codes doesn’t work some times the book has called some xmls or java classes that didn’t mention from unit 7 up to now that is unit 9 .

Further more some where there is that has mentioned ok for example define your classes so your codes should be like this but when i do that . It’s just in red color in my android studio ,wrong.

Eventually my solution was to stop reading the book for a wile, and reading another book that was simpler to understand on the basics of android. Then I returned to this book and when the code changes I don’t delete it but change it to a comment an so if there is a problem I haven’t lost the old code. I know that at the end of building an app you have to clean up the code, but for learning this is a good way to save your work and understand the changes to the code.