Last Challenge

Does anyone else have the problem understanding what the last challenge in the book wants you to do?
I have no idea what the challenge wants me to do and i have read it through several times and i find the information about what to do really vague.

So if anyone understands it, can you try and explain it to me step by step what to do? (In the challenge, i don’t wan’t the solution yet) :confused: :confused:

Unless you understand BitWISE operations well you will not be able to complete it. You can always look at the supplied solutions and at least use them to understand the operations. I’m about to start the iOS 4th ed book. This was a great book…

I know what bitwise operators do, but it’s what i have to do with them i don’t get, i have no idea what he means with “Speakable” … well i have moved on and finished the book and moved on to iOS programming :wink: