Linter needs to install dependencies

When following the instructions to install linter, I received the following notice AFTER the installation…

linter needs to install dependencies (linter-ui-default) Install dependency? Yes / No Thanks / Never

Do I say yes to this?

I said yes to installing linter-ui-default and now it is saying that linter-ui-default needs to install “intentions, busy-signal” so linter by itself appears to require even more dependencies. Does anyone know whether any of these three are supposed to be installed?

I wouldn’t be concerned except the book says "Make sure you find and install the package that is JUST named “linter” - which I did, but then it asked me to install three more that aren’t just named linter…


Hi @edkirkjr, I think they recently split up the main linter into separate packages — clicking “Yes” should be fine.

In the book, we just wanted to make sure you were installing the correct linter (there are quite a few similarly named packages), so as long as it has “cow powers,” installing any dependencies is :thumbsup:

What is meant by “cow powers”?

I think the “cow powers” thing is a joke. I think it’s a Linux thing though.
(Oops sorry about the bump. I was reading about the dependency thing while setting up according to the book.)