Don't see base Linter on search

Hello, I have typed linter in the search for Atom packages. I see all the other linter packages we are to download, but I don’t see the plain “linter” package. Is there something else I can do? It appears you can install packages through the command line, but I am not sure how to make sure the packages get installed in the right place.

I went ahead and downloaded linter-csslint and linter was automatically installed. So problem solved.

I typed “linter-csslint” and “linter” shows up.

I just tried that and I "linter’ also shows up for me. But I don’t think it comes when I just search “linter”. Thanks

Unfortunately it’s gotten a bit harder to search for it of late. My hack is to search for “cow powers” since that comes up in the description :smiley: