Severe Atom problems

Are the exercises in this book heavily dependent on the Atom editor?

I have been stuck on page 5 for over an hour. Atom crashes, fails, corrupts itself and every other problem you could imagine in an install. This is apparently a very common issue and there are many threads on trhe web referring to issues with Atom launches and installs. It is extremely irritating to be bottlenecked by something so trivial as the install of a text editor.

Hi @cal, oh no! You can use any editor, just expect screenshots to be less helpful. There will also be some references in Ottergram to Emmett and some other Atom plugins you would have installed, but it won’t be a blocker.

If you’re up for another web-friendly editor, check out — you may have better luck, and Visual Code Studio has some great linting tools built-in.

thanks nybblr – I’;m just going with notepad++ I spent the 2000s in Visual Studio and dont wanna go back. cheers!

@cal Totally get it. Visual Code Studio is actually completely separate from the original Visual Studio (which was definitely unpleasant) and offers a fast & elegant web dev experience, currently one of the best available. But Notepad++ will do the job just fine!

I have this problem with Atom as well. It lags severely and is too resource intensive for my computer. Can you advise if Visual Code Studio works well for Mac, or should I go with something like Brackets or Sublime?

Hi @sleepycat, I would definitely try Visual Code Studio. I and several colleagues use it on Mac, and it’s nice and fast.