Listing 2.7 Giving population a value

Hello everyone,

My name is Jessica and I am embarking on a Swift journey and am using Swift Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide 2nd. edition with Xcode 10.

The book code snippet is as follows:
var population: Int
population = 5422

Xcode 10 insists of declaring the value when the variable is defined:
var population: Int = 5422

Just wanna share the changes between the book and Xcode 10

Best Regards,

It probably got mangled during the printing process (assuming that you are not reading an eBook.)

I am reading the hard copy. Initially, I wanted to wait for the new edition but the local bookstore was having a 20% off, storewide and I have to pick up Swift. So, I decided not to wait. If you ever need someone to proof-read the new edition, I can do it :=)