Missing "Placeholders" and "File's Owner" in document outline

The book instructs us to make a connection between the Add Task button and the File’s Owner entry in the document outline. I’m using Xcode 8.3.3 and File’s Owner (indeed the whole Placeholders heading) seems to be missing from the document outline.

I found a workaround for making the connection to the button. Control-drag from the Add Task button to the First Responder entry in the document outline. Make sure it is the First Responder entry that appears in the View Controller Scene section, not the Window Controller Scene or Application Scene sections. I was able to select the addTask: action this way.

However, later in the chapter we are supposed to make a connection between File’s Owner and the table view. I was not able to make this connection since File’s Owner is missing and I could not find another workaround.

If anyone has a current solution for this, please post it.

Most of the time connections are made to/from a view controller.

Did you try this?

Actually I did… I discovered that I could make a connection to the view controller and that the view controller seems to be the conceptual replacement for File’s Owner in the latest version of Xcode.

However, this also means moving the code associated with the connection to the ViewController class, a step which is not in the lesson. This has a cascading effect on the rest of the lesson and would end up requiring me to deviate greatly from the lesson.

In the end, I gave up following the instructions in the rest of the lesson and just read it but did not follow the steps.

That applies only to view controllers in storyboards. If you create a standalone custom view controller with an XIB file, you will still get the File’s Owner placeholder.

Ah, I see. The Cocoa Application template in Xcode now sets you up with storyboards. So I guess to follow the book you would have to put together a project yourself that uses XIB files.