Obsoletisms in book from updates in Android or Kotlin?

Throughout the book there are many outdated references, discontinued features, deprecated classes, etc. Why not have this be the forum for posting them and their solutions?

Chapter 1 starts by talking about a feature that doesn’t exist in the latest version of Android Studio(3.6.1). Namely, Instant Run:

Before you begin your [very first] project, take a moment to turn off a feature that could interfere with your work. Instant Run is designed to streamline development by…

As I do more research, I see there are many more outdated references throughout the book, some of which were outdated 3 months before the book was published! These obsoletisms also include references to deprecated classes or methods, rendering the code in which they find themselves referenced dysfunctional. It seems to me that as it stands, the only way to find out what is obsolete is by jumping around to many different threads on this forum regarding specific questions and seeing what people had to say. I think it would serve the community well to have a dedicated place where they can go to find the explanations, workarounds, and solutions to errors in the code or in the instructions presented in the book which are rooted in updates to the Android OS, Android Studio, or Kotlin language. It is very possible this place exists, because in that same section the author cites forums.bignerdranch.com as the place to go “If your [setup] wizard looks very different[than what we are showing]”, but I have not yet found that place. “So,” I thought, “why not have this thread be that place?” If you have found any obsoletisms, please feel free to share them here, and any workarounds or solutions you have found; I am sure the rest of us would greatly appreciate it!