Terminating in response to SpringBoard's

Ever since i updated to Xcode 4.4 i get this error when i press Command + Q to quit the simulator. It doesnt kill the simulator completely though - the process stays alive and I have to go kill it manually. I never had this problem in XCode 4.3 or earlier. It seems that just going to the home screen doesn’t give me this error. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this or was there anything going on here that i was missing. I made a post about my Homepwner app (at the end of Chapter 11) and the fact that when i stop the simulator by Command + Q gives me this springboard error whereas in XCode 4.3 it doesn’t(I tried it time and time again on a mac with XCode 4.3… the SAME code) and it doesnt crash this way.

Any thoughts?

If you’ve never run into this before, consider yourself among the blessed few.

Xcode has a long history (in the 4.x era) of responding unkindly to the simulator being quit while a program is being run in the debugger.

The most common (and heinous) response was to fail to launch any more applications in the debugger until the machine has been rebooted.

I hate to be the “don’t hold it that way” guy, but my strong, strong recommendation would be to try to get in the habit of quitting Xcode-launched applications from within Xcode, using the Stop button.