Toolbar = Mac menu bar?

page 148 refers twice to “toolbar”:

(1) “… the toolbar at the top of your screen”
(2) “Figure 15.6 Xcode toolbar”

What they really mean is the Mac menu bar. I can’t find any place in the macOS Human Interface Guidelines where the menu bar is called a “toolbar”.
Is this terminology change unique to Big Nerd Ranch, or is it something just these authors use?

It really had me puzzled for a while.

That got me too…I think they were just being a tab nonspecific in their use of terminology.

I think normally a “toolbar” in Mac parlance refers to the tools which may be present in an application window, between the window title and the content area, as with TextEdit.

So yes, I believe this was a typo.

(Note: in the 2nd ed of the book, this is on page 168, including Figure 15.7.)

It may not appear in the macOS Human Interface Guidelines but there are many toolbar methods in the Cocoa frameworks that are called things like:


and the XCode docs reference toolbars in multiple places. So I’m pretty sure with their decades of macOS and iOS programming experience, the authors often refer the “toolbar” out of habit.