Updated examples?

I just received the 5th edition from Amazon yesterday and started working through it, but am already finding the example project to be outdated.

I’m using Android Studio Flamingo | 2022.2.1 Patch 2 and, following the steps to create the example project from the book is producing a Jetpack Compose project and not one that’s Activity-based.

Will an update be released to address these differences? The book said this forum would be the place to find those updates, but I don’t see anything.

Yeah… Google has changed a few things since the book has been released (almost a year ago! :scream:)

For all the projects in the book, you now want to create your projects using the “Empty Views Activity” template, not the “Empty Activity” template. This is for ALL projects, even Coda Pizza.


Is there any recommended configuration for build configuration language? Its Kotlin DSL by default

In order to make following the book’s instructions easier, we recommend using the Groovy DSL.

Once you’ve finished the book and you have become an expert Android developer, we think the Kotlin DSL is nice. But either work fine.

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