What model to use for this app?

I want to write (part of) an app almost like an e-reader for kids’ books, where I load a page, swipe left to load the next page, or swipe right to go back. Each page will have a similar format, that is, a picture on top, and text on the bottom. I can have several stories and each story has a set of picture+text data.

The app will work this way

  • User chooses a story
  • Picture/text data representing the pages of the story are loaded into an array
  • User reads the story, arbitrarily using hand-swipes for navigation

In the MVCS paradign, what with be a good model/store for the pages? I will be more likely to use CoreData since I’ll have a LOT of these picture+text data structure, and will only want to load the data that the user wants to use? I will probably load the model into an array, but what will a good underlying model to represent the stored picture+text data?

One idea will be

  • A table to represent ALL the stories in the app, say called Stories; entries in this table will refer to the individual story?
  • A table to represent EACH story in the app, say called Story1, Story2; entries in these tables will be the picture and data?

Any comments?