Where are the links to Apple's Swift 1.x Documentation

In the book, “Cocoa Programming for OS X: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (5th Edition)”, the chapters on Swift, early on in the book, ask the readers to review Apple’s documentation at the URL: http://developer.apple.com/swift. There is a page there about Swift, but it’s about Swift 2.0 which I don’t want to learn yet and the Big Nerd Ranch doesn’t recommend yet either.

I’m looking for two articles: 1) The Swift Language Guide, and 2) The Swift Reference Guide.

Where is the documentation for Swift 1.x?

Thank you. I give the book 5 stars so far.

Ah, that’s inconvenient. Thanks for pointing this out.

It looks like they have hidden the Swift 1.x links on the Resources page – scroll down to Xcode 6. Here are direct links: HTML, iBooks.

It’s likely that those will be updated to 2.0 once Xcode 7 is out of beta sometime this fall so we may need to find another workaround at that time. Another reference is SwiftDoc, a Swift standard library reference site. You might also want to check out Dash, a documentation browser for OS X.

I had a similar problem and eventually bookmarked this link:

developer.apple.com/library/ios … _Language/

It has a tab for ‘language guide’ and another for ‘language reference’. Am I right in presuming they’re the two we’re looking for?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s correct! (That link is the same as the “HTML” link above, I believe.)

Ah yes, so it is, thanks Adam!