Whether to ask for location info from user and when?

I am new to iPhone app programming so I apologize if this is a repeat question. For my app I want to know the location of the user only to allow for easy breaking up of database to geographically close servers. I’ve been reading some forums that say users don’t want to be asked too many questions when starting up a new app. I plan on using the CLLocation and MapKit if the user allows it but if they don’t allow it, when is a good time to ask for their country, state, city? Is there a better way to get the info?

If the user declines your request for Location Services in your app, then I would take that as an indication that the user is disinterested in giving you any location data, especially if doing so requires filling out a form. For users who decline access to Location Services, I recommend giving up on location grouping them with whichever server has the lightest load or equivalent. Still use location for those that allow it, of course.