Why do the iOS Programming books get shorter and shorter?

I have the 3rd edition and the 5th edition. The amount of content that has been dropped over the editions is staggering:

3rd edition contents

5th edition contents (under sample content)

6th edition looks to be as brief as the 5th edition.

What gives?

This is my personal opinion, but I appreciate how concise these books are. It let’s me get through them quicker yet I still feel like I have attained a deep understanding at the end. With some other programming books I feel like they are too dense and the author rambles on without adding anything or worse, never presents a good explanation at all.

Occasionally the BNR books will skip over details that I would like to know more about. But you can’t have it all, and I prefer to spend more time coding and less time reading. I feel like the concise approach gets me where I’m going faster without sacrificing knowledge. Indeed, these are the best programming books I have yet read. Just my two cents.

I disagree. They were much better when they were comprehensive and covered a variety of subjects.